Legal and banking wordprocessing service for financial and legal professionals. The ACF team are experienced in transcribing IUC (Interview under Caution) (PACE Police & Criminal Evidence Act) interviews. We do not outsource so you get an Accurate, Confidential and Fast response to your transcription and secretarial needs.

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PACE transcriptions, we currently work for many London Boroughs, transcribing interviews for benefit fraud, money lending, trading standards and health and safety. We are used to transcribing interviews where the interviewee's first language is not English.

We have two methods of transcription:

Intelligent verbatim transcription:

This is where common sense comes into play and we eliminate any unnecessary narrative i.e. the use of slang, correct the grammar of an interviewee whose first language is not English and generally make the document easier to read. We have been transcribing PACE interviews for 25 years and are very experienced in this method of transcription. This method is most often used for Trading Standards, Benefits Investigation etc, where the transcript is only used for internal purposes. If a case is going to be taken to court we can redo the transcript with any omissions, if required, at no extra charge.

Verbatim transcription:

Everything recorded is transcribed. This will include half finished sentences, slang, etc, laughter, crying, documents being shown and read etc. This method of transcript is mostly used for when cases are going to go to court.

Banking transcriptions:

We work for investment banks producing transcripts for quarterly conference calls of companies reporting on their financial results. We produce transcripts to the highest standard possible, we will research the internet for any information to ensure as full and complete a transcript as possible. We record the interviews via the telephone or web, all you have to do is send us the information and we will sort out the rest.

Barristers Chambers:

We undertake outsourced typing for many barristers chambers, including specialist licensing and planning chambers, building litigation, trade mark, matrimonial and criminal sets. We can undertake work immediately, including sound files sent via email, dictation, on the telephone or manuscript.

We are happy to cover for overload, sickness, holiday or maternity leave.

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